Our Collective Future

Everywhere we look we can find plenty of reasons to be afraid, angry, exhausted. And, these are true and real. I feel these things, too. Yet, it is not all that I feel. 

I also feel hopeful. 

Things we never imagined are here. 

Why not spend more of our time imagining a different future and bringing it into being? 

In all of the challenges around us right now it really feels like the future is up for grabs. 

Let’s reach out and grab hold of it with all our might. Like a big strong hug for a loved one. Squeeze our love and care into our collective future. 

Perhaps it’s ironic. In this time of wearing facemasks, perhaps this is the time when we find our loudest, most clear and confident collective voice. 

I feel hopeful. 

We can heal the world through our vision of love, care and respect for all peoples. Our communities will finally get what we deserve: Full membership in the human race. Policing that serves us and keeps us safe. Schools that educate for social justice and radical inclusion. No more missing and murdered girls, women, and trans folx. Basic needs and human rights met, upheld, no need to ask. 

The future is up for grabs. 

Let’s join hands and dance a big, loving round dance around our collective future. Dance it into being. We need you in our circle. Join us.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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