Notions of Time

Greetings, The Auntie Way blog readers! I’ve been thinking a lot about our notions of time and time management lately. Perhaps it is the longer days of summer (where I live it is summer now) that are encouraging me to do so. I love summer, with sun’s long workdays–all that sunshine (and chirping birds!) invite me to rise early in the morning and fill my days until, finally, dusk arrives to signal the end of sun’s work for the day, and mine, too.

I’m happy to share with you that on Saturday, June 27 I’m hosting a free class and discussion about Indigenous Time Management. This 30-minute Zoom class includes a discussion about our notions of time. Also featured: timeless wisdom from Indigenous cultural teachings, from my book, The Auntie Way: Stories Celebrating Kindness, Fierceness, and Creativity. The class includes an activity in which attendees think about their own notions of time, and how they want to live in relation to time management.

Zoom connection is required.

You’re invited! Seats are limited. Register on my web page:

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Have a wonderful day!

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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