Auntie Magic in Your Mailbox

In The Auntie Way I write about the love and lessons we learn from our favorite Aunties. I refer to the kindness, fierceness, and creativity our Aunties share with us as “Auntie Magic.” I think we all need more Auntie Magic in our lives.

Thus, I’m excited to share that Auntie Grams are now available! Auntie Grams are handmade and heartfelt, made with great love and respect for Aunties and Mother Nature, with an emphasis on using post-consumer recycled paper.

You can send an Auntie Gram to yourself, family members, friends, colleagues, and students. Auntie Grams are designed to be sent in the mail so the recipient receives an envelope of Auntie Magic in their mailbox and can enjoy looking at their Auntie Gram at home or in the car or workplace. We all need Auntie Magic in all the places we go (or stay).

View samples and order you Auntie Grams today at my website.

National Aunt and Uncle Day is July 26. Send your favorite Aunt or Uncle an Auntie Gram!

I’m wishing you a day filled with Auntie Magic.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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