Knitting and Writing

I’m thinking about Auntie today. How she’d spend hour after hour after hour knitting. Click, click, click, her needles would go. Every once in a while she would pause and measure her stitches, checking her pattern if she were making something new and elaborate. She took her knitting everywhere and she enjoyed company while she worked. She never minded visiting, telling (and listening to) stories, commenting on TV shows. We may have seen every episode of CHiPs. How did Ponch get his teeth so white, we wondered?

I remember sitting on the floor and being allowed to go through Auntie’s knitting bag. How I’d look at the pattern of whatever sweater Auntie was currently making. I marveled at how she could see a photo and a bunch of numbers and envision the garment beautifully enveloping one of our loved ones. And then she made it happen. She created the vision and made it real through her hours of dedication. As my brothers or I unwrapped and then wore our sweaters for the first time I’d always think back to the piles of skeins of yarn that once sat in Auntie’s bag. And then: Poof! Auntie Magic turned that pile of yarn into something beautiful and warm.

I am no great knitter. But I do love to write. And I love being in community with and supporting like-minded writers: those who dare to envision a project with an important message and then, through hours of dedication, make it happen. The creative process delights me: Poof! Auntie Magic. It always makes me smile and warms my heart to see writers reaching out and making their dreams come true. I created The Auntie Way Writing Retreats to build community and support for writers reaching for their dreams.

If you have time and interest, please join us at the next The Auntie Way Writing Retreat, a free 60-minute writing retreat on Sunday, August 23 at 3-4pm Pacific time (6-7pm Eastern). Seats are still available and you can register here.

It is my goal that every writer should be fortunate to experience Auntie Magic.

Image credit: “Becoming Art Underwater Garden” by Anne Camilla Vaalund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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