Gratitude & Gratification

Áan (Sun) came out to see us today. How brilliant he is, lighting the vast sky of my Indigenous homeland. Earlier this week it was cloudy, so we notice Áan more so than usual, appreciate Áan with greater enthusiasm. I spend more time outside, gratefully doing chores in the warm sun, sweeping the porch and walkway clear of the many maple leaves that have fallen. The leaves that shade my grandpa’s home are now done with their work overhead. Now they humbly await my broom or rake and prepare to drift into the orchard where they’ll break down and nourish apple trees.

Swish-crunch, swish-crunch, swish-crunch, the sound of sweeping dry leaves and walking on gravel path is a peaceful tune to my ears.

After a few minutes I look back and joyfully assess my progress. Don’t you love it when you see the results of your work instantly? Ah, gratification.

After I finish, I go inside and notice my dog has selected a cozy place to nap, soaking up sunshine coming through a south facing window. Ah, gratification. His comfort and joy are contagious.

Thank you for brightening our day, Áan.

Photo credit: “Maple Leaves on Ground” by Alexandria MN Tourism is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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