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I saw on Twitter from Sandy Grande that today is Chandra Mohanty’s birthday. How wonderful to have an opportunity to pause, celebrate, and honor the impact of this amazing “Super Auntie” scholar. Many of you know I love making little quote squares to share inspiring words. Here’s one I made for today:

Dr. Mohanty’s words encourage us to be in community and connection with one another as a fundamental part of our education. I am also encouraged to embrace this wise pedagogical approach from another “Super Auntie,” Yakama Elder Tuxámshish Dr. Virginia Beavert, who in her role as Distinguished Elder Educator for the Sapsik’ʷałá Program mentors our Indigenous teacher candidates, staff, and myself. Tuxámshish emphasizes the importance of kinship in our education, and our lives. She urges us to see one another, acknowledge one another, and greet one another. These particular teachings are rooted in our Yakama cultural ways, which our people have carried with us Since Time Immemorial.

I feel so grateful to witness the possibilities and beautiful solidarities all around us in our educational systems, and in our lives. I feel gratitude for the wise teachings and powerful role models who inspire me everyday.

Happy birthday, Dr. Mohanty.

Photo credit: “Happy Birthday” by jbelluch is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

2 thoughts on “Super Auntie Teachings

  1. Hi Michelle- I was just emailing with Chandra as she’s a reference for me. I didn’t know it was her birthday and then I saw this. Thank you for lifting up her wisdom—and for sharing your wisdom through these posts. I’m so happy when I see them in my in-box as I feel they are part of a new “informed, self-reflective solidarity.” I hope you are well. -Judy



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