Happy Anniversary, The Auntie Way Blog

February 28 is the one year anniversary of The Auntie Way Blog! In a recent interview with the Oregon Humanities Center’s UO Today, one of the questions prompted me to discuss why I’d written The Auntie Way. I mentioned how Aunts have a special role in our community and that we honor Aunties, both blood-related and chosen. During the interview, I read “Academic Aunties,” a story from The Auntie Way that describes the generous and persistent efforts of women who help support and encourage us in our educational journeys. At the end of the story, I conclude, “I hope we all get to attend the University of Auntie Magic.”

I enjoy celebrating the kindness, fierceness, and creativity in our lives and communities. This was the spirit behind my writing The Auntie Way, although you’ll see it in all of my work: a consistent lifting up of our people’s brilliance, wisdom, and courage. This same spirit guides the work I do here in The Auntie Way Blog, a free resource for anyone who wishes to engage The Auntie Way.

I’m proud of the 62 posts to The Auntie Way Blog this year, and am especially honored to share the six award-winning Auntie stories from youth and adult winners of The Auntie Way Super Auntie Writing Contest. If you missed them, or want to savor them again, you can find the winning entries here.

I’m so grateful for all of you reading, engaging, and sharing The Auntie Way.

Auntie says, “Do something kind for yourself today!”

Michelle’s next book, Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Classroom, is scheduled to be published in March 2021 and is available for pre-order here.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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