Easy vs. Ease

Marathon training, like life, is sometimes easy. Sometimes there’s a magical alignment of vision, plan, and task completion that’s done with such abundant energy and gracefulness that anything and everything seem possible.

And sometimes, well, it doesn’t. In place of clarity and alignment perhaps we have fuzziness and doubt. Yet, deep down, we know we believe in our beautiful vision. So we lace up our shoes and head out the door, hopefully to a favored running place. Have you noticed that when we lack internal stores of inspiration Mother Nature is always willing to share with us? If we pause and notice the gifts she provides we cannot help but be inspired to be in the moment, in our bodies, moving with a sense of ease in this beautiful place.

I return to this wise teaching, again and again, in marathon training and in life.

I witnessed it yesterday: my gait all awkward-feeling, my body seemed to lose all sense of pace, my breathing sounding strange to me. Everything felt difficult. And then, I remembered what I always need to remember, and especially if I’m feeling awkward or confused: Pay attention to my teachers.

I looked more closely at the dirt and gravel road–noticing the beauty and variety of shades of black, brown, and tan on this simple and strong surface, this part of Mother Earth, sacred Tiichám (land) who always supports my every step.

I smelled evidence that Tiskáy (skunk) had recently visited this place, the strong odor reminding me of happy times with childhood friends and our prized scratch and sniff stickers we enjoyed in elementary school–do you remember the skunk sticker?

I noticed the clouds and how they somehow looked both puffy and flat from my perspective. I think Tamawiɬá really had fun painting the sky–how beautiful! How blessed I am to witness all of this.

Yesterday was a hard run. My mind was in a tug of war between the sacred and profane. It wasn’t easy; however, I focused enough on what truly matters to find, in some blessed moments, a sense of ease.

Photo credit: “Running down the dream” by dharder9475 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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