Sounds of Summer

Last night I sat in my rocking chair on the patio outside my grandpa’s old home. Clouds had rolled in and the shade felt delicious. A cool breeze provided additional relief, and I think all beings were glad to get a break from the hot sun and smoky air. Maple tree leaves fluttered and danced their delightful tune.

Behind our van I could hear the familiar sound of basketball dribbling. My nephews had started up a game. Mostly I heard the bounce, bounce, bounce of the ball, along with the shuffling of shoes on ground–the quick start and stop movements of young knees and legs. Every once in a while I heard a loud voice call out in protest, perhaps indicating too-rough defense by an opponent. And of course there were collaborative shouts of delight or amazement, “Oooooh!” and I could imagine one of the boys making a shot from well behind the 3-point line, or perhaps doing a dazzling spin move, or providing a no-look pass that brilliantly assisted a younger brother to make an easy basket.

Rock, rock, rock, my chair went on the old wooden boards of the patio.

My dog goes back and forth between two of his favorite tasks: sitting at the corner of the yard keeping an eye on the ball-playing nephews, and sitting in front of the patio looking pleading and pitiful in equal measure–hoping I’ll give in and throw the ball for him. He loves to play ball. He loves guessing where it will go; he loves bonking the ball off his snout or teeth, tossing it to himself in a showy assist. He can spin, jump, and sprint with grace.

I hear the low pitch of a train horn and can picture the familiar site of an orange and black locomotive using its 4,400 horse power to pull a heavy load, chugging away alongside Highway 97, horn indicating it’s preparing to cross some of our roads on the reservation. My parents’ dog howls a greeting to the train, matching the pitch of the train horn exactly in a cappella beauty.

Rock, rock, rock.

Bounce, bounce, bounce.



Aren’t they lovely, these sounds of summer?

Photo credit: “basketball hoop” by acidpix is licensed underCC BY 2.0

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Thank you for reading–I hope you have a day filled with delicious sounds in a beautiful place.

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