Honoring Our Busy Minds

Some readers know that I delight in making paper collages I call Auntie Grams. I find bits of paper destined for the recycle bin, and I use an intuitive process to cut and glue small pieces together. I can never tell ahead of time what will happen in a particular Auntie Gram. It’s a fun way to practice trusting the process and witness creativity unfolding. It helps my busy mind slow down to the pace of gluing one piece of tiny paper scrap at a time. And then another. And another, and so on. Today’s blog is about this process, and the lovely ways we can honor and accept our busy minds.

What a relief, to feel a sense of calm and acceptance for who I am and how I approach things. My busy Auntie Gram mind can feel like a ticker tape parade. What do I do? How do I take it all in? Who’s going to clean up this mess? Oh, yes. I forgot. the whole reason we’re here is to pause, gather, and celebrate.

When I create an Auntie Gram there are endless possibilities, just as with writing. I never know ahead of time what will emerge. I can begin with an intention, a focus, and then once I start it can be like a roller coaster with twists and turns and ups and downs–who knows where we’re going? On the best days it can be like trail running, my movement across Mother Earth feeling free and focused and open to all the beautiful possibilities.

I don’t have that graceful accepting feeling all the time, but I keep trying, practicing, showing up. When I find myself on the roller coaster I know and trust this too will pass. I will safely return to the beginning after this brief journey.

In writing, and life, I keep showing up and in doing so something beautiful is emerging.

Photo: Auntie Gram. Credit: Michelle M. Jacob

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