Auntie-ing Ourselves

Our cherished Aunties give kindness, caring, and love. They are known for their selflessness and generosity. But where do super Aunties get their support and encouragement? From their own Aunties, of course. And by Auntie-ing oneself.

I wrote a story, I Auntie’d Myself Today, in my book, The Auntie Way, to talk about this–when you find yourself facing a problem or challenge and you’re able to draw from Auntie teachings and examples to make it through. It’s a story and process about learning to take care of oneself.

What a gift our Aunties give to us. Through their examples and efforts they show us the importance of taking care of ourselves, so that we may live our best lives and, in turn, help those around us. This beautiful teaching is at the heart of my Yakama culture: strong individuals use their gifts and talents in ways that make us a stronger collective.

I have a dream that our schools, organizations, and institutions will more deeply embrace these teachings, and the Auntie Way ethic of care guides all of the work and planning. I want to see more leaders who are known for their Auntie-ing.

To that end, I’ve created The Auntie Way courses to support those who share these ideas and are on this same journey.

This month, The Auntie Way 3-Week Writing Retreat is beginning July 20.

Also, a two-part The Auntie Way Professional Development Course is being offered on July 22 and 29, for those who want to work with me to apply the lessons in The Auntie Way to their own work and life.

More information is on my website

I’ll end this blog post with a simple message I hope you’ll carry in your heart today:

Take good care of yourself. We need you in our collective journey.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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