Full Hearts and Beautiful Dreams

My heart is full. It is the first week of The Auntie Way Writing Retreat Fall 2021 Sessions. My heart is full because I have the tremendous joy and honor of sitting alongside brilliant scholars and inviting and encouraging them to dream…what is it they want in their writing, their lives, their futures? I loveContinue reading “Full Hearts and Beautiful Dreams”

Auntie Teachings and Gratitude

Over the past three weeks, I’ve had the honor of witnessing brilliant people stepping in to their dreams. They are dreaming of projects that challenge the status quo and transform society in beautiful and important ways. Dreams of books that rewrite history to assert Indigenous voice and experience. Dreams that honor children and youth, andContinue reading “Auntie Teachings and Gratitude”

Sister-Auntie Wíwnu (Huckleberry)

I Love Wíwnu (Huckleberry). This is the title of the first story in my forthcoming book, Huckleberries and Coyotes. For many Indigenous peoples, including Yakamas, Wíwnu is a sacred food and being. She is a gift from Creator and she has helped nurture and sustain our peoples and cultures Since Time Immemorial, as our EldersContinue reading “Sister-Auntie Wíwnu (Huckleberry)”

Auntie-ing Ourselves

Our cherished Aunties give kindness, caring, and love. They are known for their selflessness and generosity. But where do super Aunties get their support and encouragement? From their own Aunties, of course. And by Auntie-ing oneself. I wrote a story, I Auntie’d Myself Today, in my book, The Auntie Way, to talk about this–when youContinue reading “Auntie-ing Ourselves”