Ancient Teachers

To celebrate the publication of Huckleberries and Coyotes, I took a break yesterday afternoon. We went over to Florence so I could walk on the beach and see the big, big Pacific Ocean. So gorgeous. Vast. Strong.

Yesterday, as is often the case, it was windy on the Oregon Coast. I knew this might be, so I took a fleece jacket with a hood. The sun was bright and it was blue skies overhead. Beautiful. I got out of the car and, “Wow! A strong wind today!” I thought to myself. I noticed a seagull hunkered down, like a robin in a nest protecting their eggs.

I made my way down the sandy and rocky path next to the Siuslaw River, admiring the fresh water completing the journey to meet the salt water ocean. Then, I hopped down to the beach.

Looking south, wind at my back, another “Wow!” as I admired the view, taking in the wide tan beach, tall dunes, and rough white-capped sea. The wind blew droplets of salt water onto my face. Grains of sand powered by wind raced across the beach, hurrying south.

It’s a view and a setting to remind one how small and new humans are. I walked in wonderment. Just think how much this water and those grains of sand have witnessed? How many ups and downs of history they have endured? Delighted in? Like our human Elders, these more than human relations are wise with age.

I walked south and felt the strong wind at my back. Walking north on my return, I noticed wind finding a way inside my hood, my ears taking in both the sound of crashing ocean waves and the wind, who delights in propelling water and sand. Oh yes, wind, you are a powerful Elder as well, I acknowledged. I leaned in to the wind to affirm my respect and appreciation.

I enjoyed my walk in communion with my ancient teachers.

Photo credit: “Wind Blown Beach” by B. Zyrogerg is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

To read more stories about our more than human relations, please check out Huckleberries and Coyotes. Thanks for reading!

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