When Summer and Fall Shake Hands

I love this time of year, when Summer and Fall shake hands–greeting each other with kindness and admiration. Fall steps forward to provide cool nights and has partnered with Sun to make the days just a bit shorter. I can imagine Fall talking Sun into this agreement, “With these cooler nights, Sun, how about if you pull that blanket up and sleep just a bit longer?” Fall’s persuasive words might explain why I’m up before Sun has officially risen today.

At night I can imagine a similar scenario with Fall and Sun, easy in each other’s company like the old comfortable friends they are, and Fall patting Sun on the back and saying, “Sun, maybe you should call it a night. You’ve done enough good work for today.” I can imagine them embracing, perhaps doing a friendly two-cheek kiss like how the French people do in the movies. And then Sun sets a little earlier, giving us slightly longer nights.

The Stars shimmer in the sky–they’re delighted Fall has lengthened their time to sparkle like the jewels they are. I look up at night and admire them, wondering who else sees their brilliance, and feeling safe and grateful my Auntie-Uncle Stars are watching over me.

Summer, of course, witnesses all of this with a gentle smile. She gazes lovingly at my brethren fruit, Apple, and is proud of how they’ve grown and thrived under her watchful care. Now she’ll yield more of the morning and evening shifts to Fall’s cooler temperatures, allowing Apples to sweeten. But she’s not done yet. Summer keeps Sun on task, warm and bright in the blue, blue Sky. Do you feel the warmth on your skin? That’s the collaboration of Sun and Summer greeting you with a kiss. Don’t you see? They’re happy to see you. I hope you feel the sweetness of this special time of year.

Photo Credit: “Gala Apples” by spablab is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

To read more about Apples as a brethren fruit, please check out Huckleberries and Coyotes: Lessons from Our More than Human Relations.

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