Dogs Are Cool (by Hazen Jacob)

Congratulations to Hazen Jacob for winning 2nd place in the youth category of the The Auntie Way “Super Auntie” Writing Contest! Please enjoy reading Hazen’s interview responses and winning entry.

Name: Hazen Jacob

Age: 14

Grade in school: 9th

School you attend: Wapato High School

What is your advice for other writers? If your struggling try to make your topic something that is fun for you. If you can pick your topic do something that interests you.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? I play and watch basketball, football, and video games. 

What is something you enjoy about school? I enjoy seeing and talking to people. My favorite class is math. I enjoy school sports too. 

Title of story: Dogs are cool

One super auntie moment I remember was back in 2013. At that time I was 7 years old. My shísha watched us after school one day when I was in 1st grade. At this time I learned something that helps me bond with other families and animals.

As a young kid I was always scared of dogs. I live out in the country and the only time I saw dogs were when they barked or ran at us. This sent bad vibes to me and made me scared of dogs. The dog we have was always aggressive for attention. Not like trying to hurt you aggressive but like running at and around you trying to get you to pet her aggressive. But that changed when I went over to my shísha’s house.

When I got there she welcomed me and my brother to some dried fruit and snacks. She had a very well trained dog at her house named anahuy, (bear) that I was nervous around. At first me and my brother played some jenga. Everytime we went to our shísha’s house we would play jenga. We didn’t have a jenga game at our house until later on so we always wanted to play. We would also play bingo because it was always fun to.

After we did our board games that’s when we went outside to their backyard. This is where I learned how to play and not be scared of a dog. When we went out anahuy ran straight at us, (making me nervous) but then stopped close to us. My shísha gave me a ball stuck on this rod that we could do a football throwing motion and throw the ball. Once we threw the ball anahuy sprinted straight after the ball and would jump up and catch it. We would do this for about 30 minutes and have fun.

What surprised me most was how well anahuy listens. My shísha would tell anahuy to go home and it would just walk straight to its pen in the house. You could tell it to sit and it would. This made me go to my dog and try these things but my dog didn’t really care.

This may not seem like much if you already were attached or liked dogs but this made me be able to pet and sit by dogs without being scared or nervous. Now we still have the same dog but she is blind and starting to get pretty shaky. But I got to have some cool moments with her and would still be scared if I didn’t have shísha to loosen me up around dogs.

Photo credit: “Wolf Mix” by Rennett Stowe is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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