My Super Auntie (by Marisa Tillequots)

Congratulations to Marisa Tillequots for winning 1st place in the youth category of the The Auntie Way “Super Auntie” Writing Contest! Please enjoy reading Marisa’s interview responses and winning entry. 

Name: Marisa Tillequots

Age: 17

Grade in school: 11th

School you attend: Wapato High School

What is your advice for other writers? My advice to writers is to always be original. Add a touch of your personality to the story. If you don’t put your own weirdness into the story then, you are no different than the hundreds of writers trying to make it out there.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? My favorite hobbies are playing sports like basketball, volleyball, and golf. But due to this pandemic I have been playing a lot of chess and some piano.

What is something you enjoy about school? Something I enjoyed about school before this pandemic started was being able to spend quality time with my friends. Just being able to be in the presence of some of my friends always brought up my mood. I’ll admit, being with some of them for an extended period of time can be overwhelming but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Anything else you’d like to share? Please wear your masks! Anyone can have Covid-19, so please be cautious, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Title of story: My Super Auntie

One of my super aunties that I can think of at the moment is my Aunt Dailene. The reason she is my super auntie is because well since my mom was never around, she practically took on the role being my brother’s and I mother figure. As a single mother she did everything for her three sons including my brother and I, for that I am really grateful. When we asked to go over to her house she never turned us down, saying it was our home as much as it was hers. She treated us like her own kids, the crazy thing is she never really got upset with me and my brother, I think it’s because she has a “soft spot” for us. Being in her house a lot while growing up made me see her sons as my younger brothers, her own boys treated me as if I was their sister, which is good on some occasions. For quite some time my brother and I didn’t live with neither my father nor mother, me and my brother were young bouncing house to house, not really being able to call anywhere home until we landed in Oregon with my grandparents. While living with them we still kept in contact with my Aunt Dailene, she would be asking us how we were doing and if we could come over sometime because she was missing us.

In 2013 my brother and I came back to Washington to live with our father, being back felt good in some ways. For one I could see my Aunt Dailene anytime I want if she’s not super busy with work. If anything I really look up to my auntie, her sons father passed some time ago leaving her to raise three boys alone with some help from my grandma. My Aunt Dailene’s sons are from the ages of 12-16, about a year ago she adopted a little girl who was a couple months old, she was sort of like a newborn. My auntie heard from some people that a little baby was in need of a home, Dailene being herself took the little girl in. The little girl is now a year old living her best life with my aunt and her three boys. My aunt’s boys were welcoming and open minded when she decided to adopt the little girl. Dailene’s boys were raised to be respectful and considerate, however all three boys are mischievous in their own ways. My aunt taught her oldest how to cook and clean, so when she’s at work she can rely on him to take care of the younger ones. When I need someone to vent my problems to, she’s always there, whether I need advice or just need someone to listen, I know I can count on her. My auntie Dailene is the one I’ll always call for anything because I know she’ll care, spoil, and love me unconditionally.

Photo credit: “A few of the ways I love you.” by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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