Fierce, Loving Writing

I believe in the power of writing to heal ourselves and the world. I believe words are magical. Words have power. Because they can be tools for us to powerfully place our spirit and intention into the world. Perhaps most importantly, words have the power to reflect back to ourselves all that is good and brilliant and capable in our minds and hearts.

For those of us who do critical scholarship, social justice scholarship, community-based, and community accountable scholarship–we’re always using our words to change things, whether we’re pushing against structures and narratives that harm, or making visible the love and strength of people too often overlooked; in many ways, it is our heart-work. We perhaps have no choice but to do this work, the calling is so strong. It’s part of who we are, if not our entirety.

I love reading scholarship fiercely dedicated to these radical aims. Perhaps I love even more seeing fierce writers turn that loving gaze upon themselves.

Tomorrow (December 21): The Auntie Way Academic Writing Plan for Success Workshop–join us to create a nurturing and effective plan for your own academic writing! More info and registration is here.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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