Calendars Are a Sacred Tool

What we place on our calendars becomes what we focus on in our lives and work. Our calendars set the boundaries for our days–how and with whom we spend our time, energy, and presence.

In yesterday’s Auntie Rules for Meetings Workshop we discussed each attendee’s aspirations for how we want to feel when we look at our calendar: energized, a sense of moving forward, gratitude, spaciousness. We boldly articulated our aspirations for meetings placed on our calendars: productive, inspired, calm, a sense of a collective working together. Then we made a plan for evaluating and deciding whether attending or hosting a meeting met these fine criteria.

Magic happens when a group of scholars and activists come together dedicated in vision and purpose. As I looked at the Zoom room of social justice leaders and scholars I felt such hope for a blessed future. When each person claims their calendar as a sacred tool so much is possible.

We concluded the workshop with attendees sharing what they’ll have more time for as a result of their workshop participation. A beautiful list emerged: cook healthier meals, take more walks, writing, yoga, precious time with a child, more time building an Indigenous language nest in one’s home.

My heart is full of joy knowing these brilliant people are making room in their calendars for what nourishes them. In doing so, they heal themselves and the world.

I hope your 2021 is saturated with all that is blessed and nurturing.

Photo credit: “Business Calendar & Schedule” by photosteve101 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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