Writing Amid Distractions

2021 is off to a challenging start. The violence, hatred, fear, and oppression shouts so loud it seems to try to drown out everything good and nurturing and sustaining. Sigh.

At times like these I remember I need to pick up my Auntie teachings and hold them close to my heart. Write them on a post it note and stick it on my forehead if needed. Anything to help me get and stay grounded in the loving teachings and visions of our People.

At times like these I remember it’s important to get back to basics. I reflect on the wisdom and instruction of our Creation Story, shared with me by my Aunties and Uncles, and I recall a powerful lesson: Water is Sacred. I remember to keep Water close to me during all parts of my day. I pause throughout the day, as often as my busy mind will allow, and remember to pray: Water is Sacred. I am surrounded by the Sacred. I am Sacred. And I sip Water, sometimes remembering to greet this Holy Being by name, Chúush.

Such a simple teaching and ritual, but it restores me. I recall that Water is ancient and wise and loving. I recall that Water loves me, as I’m taught in my Creation Story. Water, like my favorite Aunties, wants me to have life and love, and so nurtures me to reach my fullest potential.

Now, with Water’s blessing, I continue in my day, writing the messages I believe our world most needs now. I smile on my face and in my heart as I think of the brilliant scholars who will gather with me Friday as we bring about our individual and collective dreams–through writing. Yes, we find our way to our perfect destination–in our lives and in our work–when we get back to basics.

I think of all the many and diverse bodies of water shifting and tumbling and freezing and thawing, going over and through so many obstacles, all in their perfect ways and time, all headed toward our Sacred River, Nch’i Wána. Just like precious Water, we too can make our way on this sacred journey.

Photo Credit: “Yakima River near Milepost 14 — winter” by Scott Butner is licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Join an awesome space to honor and advance your most important writing projects. The Auntie Way Writing Retreat winter quarter sessions begin tomorrow, Friday, January 8 at 10am Pacific.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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