Intelligence of the Heart

I love watching the beautiful deer. So elegant and graceful in their pretty brown fur coats, black noses sniffing the ground–Mother Earth–beneath a clump of trees who stretch up and touch the sky. Another deer, a larger youth, has two tall nubs, still covered in fur, sprouting atop his head. With time, he’ll grow an impressive set of antlers. I wonder if he feels how I do sometimes, impatient for growth and transformation? Or, like my dog who’s resting contentedly next to me, is this deer happy to live moment by moment?

What wisdom.

They inspire me.

My days are so full of the intelligence of the head–the kind my institution knows, values, and runs on, sometimes seemingly at any cost.

A lesson arrives with the cool spring breeze rustling through the trees: without an intelligence of the heart, we’re just running around trying to make our antlers grow.

My new/old resolve: take time, be quiet, pay attention to our More than Human Relations. Live up to their standards. Put myself in environments where my growth and transformation just happen. Being in places and among beings who help my intelligent heart grow stronger every day–not through great effort, exemptions, or productivity hacks. Rather, the whole environment–every system we create and maintain–is structured to support me and my precious, fierce, fragile, intelligent heart.

Come–join me! All are welcome here who lead with the love of an intelligent heart.

Photo credit: “Black-tailed Deer” by born1945 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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