Morning Lessons and Star Blessings

This morning while I heated water for my coffee I had the good sense to turn off the light and look outside. Ahhh…morning sky on a cold, clear autumn day. Without going outside I know the air is crisp, like the yellowy-gold leaves crunching under my feet yesterday. That recent golden memory contrasts with the elegant black, inky sky who stretches as far as you can see in this sacred pre-dawn time.

Sky is huge! And like all wise beings, is not alone. Sky’s companions, stars, are luminous– puncturing the black blanket of sky like dazzling sequins sewn lovingly one by one creating the gorgeous constellations we see.

There’s Big Dipper standing on end looking like a throwing motion has just been completed. I wonder if it’s Big Dipper’s job to replenish the dazzling array each night? Maybe Big Dipper is like the commuter train I used to ride in San Diego, with workers pouring out at every stop, ready to take our places in our constellations of life. Perhaps a bell has chimed and Big Dipper threw all the other stars I see into their places. Or maybe stars find their own ways to their rightful places. Maybe Big Dipper has just thrown them all a treat, like the floats, pick-up trucks, and classic cars who cruise in our Treaty Day parade and throw endless supplies of candies and goodies to the eagerly awaiting children–of all ages.

The more I gaze at morning sky the more hopeful and inspired I feel. Oh look! There’s a smiley face of stars next to Big Dipper. Maybe my Auntie stitched that one together. It looks like her handiwork–I recognize the careful placement of bright shiny sequins atop a velvety rich bedspread. It’s handiwork both fine and fun, just like Auntie.

My eyes water with warm memories of my aunt, who had a quiet, fierce way of letting me know she loved me so much–a stubborn, persistent love for which our people are known–the kind of love that lets you know that even the stars can be rearranged for you. I feel so lucky. I grew up with that love surrounding me.

Mmm…in this early morning darkness, I see. My heart bubbles with gratitude like the kettle letting me know water is ready to being their delicious morning meeting with coffee grounds.

As I thank sky and stars for their beautiful presence, I reflect on the lesson my relatives are teaching me.

What star-blessings will I help arrange for someone today?

Photo credit: “Big Dipper” by `James Wheeler is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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