Beautiful Time of Preparation

I’ve been too busy lately. I can feel this in my shoulders and neck. I’m craving a slower pace–more spaciousness and sweet, easy fun. Space in my calendar. Space to breathe on my journey of life.

I know this feeling. I know it’s time to pause from the busyness of life and do one thing. It’s time for a lesson in Mother Nature’s classroom.

I love this time of year–with the golden colors emerging–their warm beauty inspiring us as the days and nights become cooler–the time when snow begins to grace our beloved foothills and mountain peaks. All throughout Mother Nature’s classroom we see it is a beautiful time of preparation.

I look to my sacred, ancient relative, Chuush (Water), and admire the graceful movement and sound as she journeys through the mountains, weaving her way under fallen trees and over millions of rocks in her riverbed. She smooths them all–so clear and determined she is on her journey–to blessed N’chi-Wána (Columbia River), of course, and then to beautiful Pacific Ocean. She moves slowly, gently, modestly at this time of year. She’s a beautiful role model who encourages me to ask:

How am I moving today?

I see the gorgeous rich colors reflected on Water’s surface. As I soak up the inspiring colors I feel a loving invitation. I’m invited to have a gorgeous transformation of my own.

I love my teachers in Mother Nature’s classroom. Like all good teachers they invite me to be inspired to grow and learn. Like all good teachers they want what’s best for me, and they have generous faith and trust in my ability to journey beautifully in this life.

I’m so grateful for this beautiful time of preparation.

Photo: Generous Teachers on Yakama Homeland. Credit: Michelle M. Jacob

You can read more about lessons from Mother Nature’s classroom in Michelle’s book, Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch, available here.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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