Creative Writing Is a Gift

I think writing is magical. In one moment we face a blank screen or page, and our minds begin to work, play, gather, or remember. And then we catch some of those thoughts, holding on to them long enough to put on the page.

Something even more magical than writing in isolation is when writers gather together–to support, learn from, and encourage one another. At such gatherings, sometimes writers have the courage to share how their writing is going, or maybe they will describe a problem they are facing. Such bravery is a gift, both to themselves and to the group. We all have so many shared joys and challenges as writers–naming them and working through them together is transformational.

I’m getting ready for another such wonderful gathering. Here is why I look forward to writing in community:

I predict there will be lots of beautiful ideas, sharing, and inspiration to come out of this fabulous gathering of writers. 

How much inspiration? 

A lot. 

Like a field of dandelions gone to seed and a lovely, refreshing breeze comes in–poof! Our ideas float and fly, a magical storm of inspiration. Anything is possible with the seeds of our ideas. 

Our precious sharing through words will take root and grow. Beings large and small who depend on the tender greens of our writing will be nourished and sustained. 

Munch, munch, munch.

They devour our delicious words. They, too, are part of our web, our energy, our community. Maybe they’ll be inspired to write stories that fill our hearts, or challenge us, or lift us up. 

Oh look! 

We’re all flying now, like the delicate puffs of dandelions gone to seed. 

Where will we go next? Anything is possible with a pen full of ink, head and heart full of ideas, the willingness to try, and the courage to share. 

Credit: “Dandelion Seed” by Bird Eye is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Maybe you want to join our fabulous collective? We’re meeting again each Wednesday in May. Registration information is here.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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