What the World Needs

What the world needs is love–powerful, fierce, quiet, flowing, generous, abundant love. 

Love you can swim in. 

Like Nch’i Wána (Columbia River). 

She gathers up gifts and returns them one hundred fold. 

She nourishes us. 

She and her tributary sisters have carved the landscape we know best. 

She sustains us. 

What the world needs is love. 

Love that brings cool refreshing relief on a hot summer day. 

Love that can withstand ice, hail, snow. 

Love that inspires confidence and trust so even when your edges freeze you know the strength and power of love will still flow all around you, helping you thaw when needed.

Photo: Nch’i Wána. Credit: Michelle M. Jacob

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Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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