When Summer and Fall Shake Hands

I love this time of year, when Summer and Fall shake hands–greeting each other with kindness and admiration. Fall steps forward to provide cool nights and has partnered with Sun to make the days just a bit shorter. I can imagine Fall talking Sun into this agreement, “With these cooler nights, Sun, how about ifContinue reading “When Summer and Fall Shake Hands”

Ancient Teachers

To celebrate the publication of Huckleberries and Coyotes, I took a break yesterday afternoon. We went over to Florence so I could walk on the beach and see the big, big Pacific Ocean. So gorgeous. Vast. Strong. Yesterday, as is often the case, it was windy on the Oregon Coast. I knew this might be,Continue reading “Ancient Teachers”

Trickster Lessons & the Power of the Collective

Yesterday I met with graduate students and a postdoc who are on the job market. We did a workshop about cover letters and one brave and generous person offered to use their draft letter as an example we could examine and critique. Starting with the first sentence and marching through the two-page document, we pointedContinue reading “Trickster Lessons & the Power of the Collective”

Knitting and Writing

I’m thinking about Auntie today. How she’d spend hour after hour after hour knitting. Click, click, click, her needles would go. Every once in a while she would pause and measure her stitches, checking her pattern if she were making something new and elaborate. She took her knitting everywhere and she enjoyed company while sheContinue reading “Knitting and Writing”

Students Are Precious

The call came last night. The sound of a recorded voice that let me know a lengthy message would be played as I held the landline phone receiver to my ear, standing next to the phone on my mom’s busy desk in her typically busier kitchen. We’d been eating dinner, salmon Mom had lovingly cookedContinue reading “Students Are Precious”

Auntie Teachings and Gratitude

Over the past three weeks, I’ve had the honor of witnessing brilliant people stepping in to their dreams. They are dreaming of projects that challenge the status quo and transform society in beautiful and important ways. Dreams of books that rewrite history to assert Indigenous voice and experience. Dreams that honor children and youth, andContinue reading “Auntie Teachings and Gratitude”

Sister-Auntie Wíwnu (Huckleberry)

I Love Wíwnu (Huckleberry). This is the title of the first story in my forthcoming book, Huckleberries and Coyotes. For many Indigenous peoples, including Yakamas, Wíwnu is a sacred food and being. She is a gift from Creator and she has helped nurture and sustain our peoples and cultures Since Time Immemorial, as our EldersContinue reading “Sister-Auntie Wíwnu (Huckleberry)”

Indigenous Time Management II

Most of my readers live in the Northern hemisphere, and we are in the midst of a glorious summer. However you feel about summertime and the warm summer weather (hot for some places!) we are currently experiencing, we can all gain important insights if we more deeply connect with the places we live and work.Continue reading “Indigenous Time Management II”