Notions of Time

Greetings, The Auntie Way blog readers! I’ve been thinking a lot about our notions of time and time management lately. Perhaps it is the longer days of summer (where I live it is summer now) that are encouraging me to do so. I love summer, with sun’s long workdays–all that sunshine (and chirping birds!) inviteContinue reading “Notions of Time”

Aunties, Related or Chosen

In The Auntie Way, I write about the importance of all our Aunties, whether related or chosen. Aunties are special people in our lives who lead and support with kindness, fierceness, and creativity. In the conclusion of The Auntie Way, I write, “Aunties best distinguish themselves through demonstrating the care and concern of kin, withContinue reading “Aunties, Related or Chosen”