Sister-Auntie Wíwnu (Huckleberry)

I Love Wíwnu (Huckleberry). This is the title of the first story in my forthcoming book, Huckleberries and Coyotes. For many Indigenous peoples, including Yakamas, Wíwnu is a sacred food and being. She is a gift from Creator and she has helped nurture and sustain our peoples and cultures Since Time Immemorial, as our Elders say. We are close to Wíwnu, like a Sister. She cares for us, like an Auntie. For all of these reasons, and many more, I love Wíwnu.

Wíwnu’s special time, when her berries become a deep dark purple, is mid-to-late-summer. Because I love and respect Wíwnu as a Sister-Auntie figure, I tend to associate the fun and kind traits of my Aunties with her. My Aunties show me the importance of caring for and supporting one another. And they love sales.

To honor Wíwnu, I’ve decided to have a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale for my upcoming 1/2 day writing retreat on Friday, August 7 at 9am-1pm Pacific time. Buy one registration and you get a free registration to give to a friend, colleague, or student! You both will make awesome progress on your writing projects. If you don’t have anyone to gift it to, you can let me know and I’ll find a student who would be happy to receive your gift.

To be a part of the Wíwnu special BOGO offer, simply register before August 6 and Michelle will contact you by email to ask who should receive your free gift registration.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Take a moment and give thanks for the Sister-Auntie figures in your life. Treasure the caring and supportive people you know. When we do this, we best emulate special beings like Wíwnu.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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