Auntie Teachings and Gratitude

Over the past three weeks, I’ve had the honor of witnessing brilliant people stepping in to their dreams. They are dreaming of projects that challenge the status quo and transform society in beautiful and important ways. Dreams of books that rewrite history to assert Indigenous voice and experience. Dreams that honor children and youth, and their precious presence and wisdom. Dreams that reclaim the sacredness of Black motherhood. Dreams of economies built on Tribal values.

We just concluded the first ever 3-Week The Auntie Way Writing Retreat. How powerful to sit with folx and witness these dreams unfolding and gaining momentum.

All of our dreams are impossible until we say them out loud and believe in them and find the partners and collectives who will support our dreaming and urge us on. These are my precious Auntie teachings I wrote about in The Auntie Way.

I want to share words of gratitude for all who have supported my dream to launch the work of Anahuy Mentoring, first through the publication of The Auntie Way and now through the services built upon the teachings in The Auntie Way, including our writing retreats. You’ve each been a partner in my dream. I thank you.

Find me on Twitter @AnahuyMentoring and let me know what Auntie teachings and dreams you are sharing with the world.

I’m excited about a world filled with Auntie Magic.

Published by Michelle M. Jacob

Owner of Anahuy Mentoring

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