Follow Your Path

In marathon training, as in life, we need to make decisions about whether we’ll follow a plan we’ve set out for ourselves. When conditions are such that no major changes or dramas unfold it can be, in many ways, easier to “stick to the plan.” However, when big changes come our way–when hurdles or detours appear that we haven’t been fully expecting, sometimes doubt can creep in. Questions can arise: “Well, the race I was planning for has ben cancelled, so do I keep training?” “Should I adjust the plan and keep training–for a race later in the year that, at least for now, is still scheduled to happen?” And of course the big question that can present itself once an inkling of doubt has set in: “Why am I bothering doing this?”

In times like these, we’re invited to pause and reflect. Where do we really want to go? There are so many paths in front of us, many choices we can make. Do we still choose the path to the great challenge we set our heart on several weeks (or months, or years) ago? Does our heart still urge us to keep going down that path?

If, upon reflection, we find there’s absolutely no appeal, then we can take a different lovely path and see what unfolds.

However, if we’re even just slightly longing to see what’s down that path, the difficult one we’ve begun and are now doubting–well then, I believe it’s time to restock basic supplies while we regather our courage and focus during this moment of pause: rest, nourishing food, water, maybe a change of socks.

And then get back out there.

This is your path.

Follow it and see what lessons unfold just for you.

Photo credit: “Many Paths” by keepitsurreal is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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