Marathon Lessons for Life

As an educator, I often pause to ask myself, “What am I learning?” I try to do this often, and especially when I feel things are going extremely well or poorly. I tend to assume I get my biggest insights at these times. But I’m also trying to be mindful of the in between times.Continue reading “Marathon Lessons for Life”

Honoring Elder Wisdom

In our Sapsik’ʷałá Seminar, we are reading Tuxámshish Dr. Virginia Beavert’s book, The Gift of Knowledge / Ttnúwit Átawish Nch’inch’imamí: Reflections on Sahaptin Ways. In the book, Tuxámshish recounts the beautiful history of her lifelong involvement in caring for our people’s history, culture, and language. We are blessed this wise Elder chooses to work withContinue reading “Honoring Elder Wisdom”

A Sacred, Healing Place

I’ve been thinking a lot about grief lately. A dear Sister-Auntie-Friend has suffered an unimaginable loss. In our families and communities, we are not unused to young death, violent death–both are grim. When they intersect, exponentially so. So what do we do? What can we do? Pray. Write. Create messages of love and kindness. SendContinue reading “A Sacred, Healing Place”

Super Auntie Teachings

I saw on Twitter from Sandy Grande that today is Chandra Mohanty’s birthday. How wonderful to have an opportunity to pause, celebrate, and honor the impact of this amazing “Super Auntie” scholar. Many of you know I love making little quote squares to share inspiring words. Here’s one I made for today: Dr. Mohanty’s wordsContinue reading “Super Auntie Teachings”

Calendars Are a Sacred Tool

What we place on our calendars becomes what we focus on in our lives and work. Our calendars set the boundaries for our days–how and with whom we spend our time, energy, and presence. In yesterday’s Auntie Rules for Meetings Workshop we discussed each attendee’s aspirations for how we want to feel when we lookContinue reading “Calendars Are a Sacred Tool”

Fierce, Loving Writing

I believe in the power of writing to heal ourselves and the world. I believe words are magical. Words have power. Because they can be tools for us to powerfully place our spirit and intention into the world. Perhaps most importantly, words have the power to reflect back to ourselves all that is good andContinue reading “Fierce, Loving Writing”

Átway Wakámlat (by Roger Jacob)

Congratulations to Roger Jacob for winning 1st place in the adult category of the #SuperAuntie Writing Contest! Please enjoy reading Roger’s interview responses and winning entry. Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest, the awesome panel of judges, and to all of you who’ve read the winning entries from our fabulous youth and adult authors! The Auntie WayContinue reading “Átway Wakámlat (by Roger Jacob)”

Aunt’s Love (by Leanne Colette Allen)

Congratulations to Leanne Colette Allen for winning 2nd place in the adult category of the #SuperAuntie Writing Contest! Please enjoy reading Leanne’s winning entry.  Title of story: Aunt’s Love When I was ten years old, my mother decided to choose her substance addiction over her family. That had left a big hole in my heart and constantly wishedContinue reading “Aunt’s Love (by Leanne Colette Allen)”