Voting results for Huckleberries and Coyotes book cover

Voting results are in! Thanks to all who helped choose the cover for my next book, Huckleberries and Coyotes: Lessons from Our More than Human Relations. The book will be published in August 2020! Voting results: “Option 2” (shown above) won with 60% of the vote and this will be the front cover of theContinue reading “Voting results for Huckleberries and Coyotes book cover”

The Auntie Way “Super Auntie” Writing Contest

Today is National Aunt and Uncle Day! To celebrate, I’m happy to announce The Auntie Way “Super Auntie” Writing Contest! I have received a lot of wonderful feedback about my book, The Auntie Way, and how people enjoy reading and sharing my Auntie stories. The Auntie Way “Super Auntie” Writing Contest is my way ofContinue reading “The Auntie Way “Super Auntie” Writing Contest”

Super Auntie Leilani

This morning I reached out to a few friends and colleagues to ask how they would describe Super Auntie Dr. Leilani Sabzalian and her work. Here are a few descriptions they shared: Truthful. Is inclusive of colleagues. Empathetic. Bold. Inspirational and resilient. Brilliant. Elegant, clear guidance. Visionary. Unflinching. Generous. Compassionate. Transformative. Demanding. Healing and powerful.Continue reading “Super Auntie Leilani”

What do I call you?

I recently received an email letting me know some good people at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board are reading my book, Yakama Rising. They sent me some questions, including one that asked about identity, terminology, and enrollment of Indigenous peoples in the U.S. This is a common question and I’ll share some thoughtsContinue reading “What do I call you?”

Auntie Magic in Your Mailbox

In The Auntie Way I write about the love and lessons we learn from our favorite Aunties. I refer to the kindness, fierceness, and creativity our Aunties share with us as “Auntie Magic.” I think we all need more Auntie Magic in our lives. Thus, I’m excited to share that Auntie Grams are now available!Continue reading “Auntie Magic in Your Mailbox”

Auntie St. Kateri

For Kateri Tekakwitha’s many “nieces” and “nephews,” today is a celebration of their special and sacred “Auntie.” Like all Catholic saints, Kateri has a feast day in her honor. In the U.S., July 14 is hers. On her feast day many Indigenous communities, including my own Yakama Reservation community, are normally engaged with deep andContinue reading “Auntie St. Kateri”

Vote for Michelle’s New Book Cover

It’s an exciting time at Anahuy Mentoring–it’s time to choose my next book cover! Please vote for your favorite cover for my forthcoming book, Huckleberries and Coyotes: Lessons from Our More than Human Relations.  Both options feature original artwork by Yakama artist Crystal Buck, who did the beautiful art in The Auntie Way. The form will require you to enterContinue reading “Vote for Michelle’s New Book Cover”

Fancy Auntie Talk

This week I need to send in my title for a talk I’ll give at a national conference plenary session. It’s a big honor. Only four scholars from across the U.S. are speaking on the panel and the organization’s Vice-President and President are in charge of the session. The topic they chose is: Got CriticalContinue reading “Fancy Auntie Talk”

Auntie-ing Ourselves

Our cherished Aunties give kindness, caring, and love. They are known for their selflessness and generosity. But where do super Aunties get their support and encouragement? From their own Aunties, of course. And by Auntie-ing oneself. I wrote a story, I Auntie’d Myself Today, in my book, The Auntie Way, to talk about this–when youContinue reading “Auntie-ing Ourselves”